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A Braces Friendly Balanced Diet

The food you choose to eat affects not just your overall health, but your dental health too! Making the right food choices and eating healthy will keep both your body and your teeth strong. Having braces can make you feel like you’re limited when it comes to food choices, but it’s important that you maintain […]

The Truth Behind Sippy Cups

Mom and Dad, we know how difficult bottle weaning can be, the sippy cup can become your knight and shining armor during the transition away from bottle feeding! Though convenient, sippy cups can cause cavities among toddlers during crucial development of baby teeth. Unfortunately, sippy cups are becoming overused among parents due to their ability […]

Sports Drinks: What to Know Going into Summer Sports!

Whether you’re heading into spring and summer sports with your children, or your children are fans of the beverage, sports drinks are everywhere! While sports drinks may seem like the healthy alternative to water, they can in actuality be quite damaging to your child’s teeth. How do sports drinks damage teeth? While sports drinks do […]