Six Facts About Baby Teeth, From Baby Teeth

Baby teeth play an important role in the development of a variety of skills in children. They are critical for speaking, eating, and they also hold the place for adult teeth. It’s natural for parents and caregivers to have questions about what teeth should look like, how they should grow, and what they should do to care for them. Baby Teeth

Did you know?

1. Babies are actually not toothless at birth. In fact, they are born with all 20 of their primary teeth in their jaw! However, you won’t see all of them until your child is about two-three years old.
2. Some parents might think that some baby teeth are strange looking, but they come in all shapes and sizes! Two-headed, double rows, “fangs”; it’s actually quite normal to be unique!
3. Always keep your child’s teeth clean! As soon as they show up in your little one’s mouth, make sure to start brushing and flossing right away!
4. Some parents might think that baby teeth aren’t as important as adult teeth. However, they are just as important. Baby teeth not only keep the place for adult teeth, but they are essential for a healthy diet and speech development.
5. If you hear your child chomping and gnashing at night, don’t worry! About two out of every 10 kids younger than 11 grind their teeth at night, and studies show that most will outgrow this by the time they’re teenagers.
6. Drooling is really good for teeth when they first start to come out. It helps with moistening gums and reducing inflammation.

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