Technology: Helping Kids with Oral Hygiene

What child doesn’t love a little technology in his or her life? And what parent couldn’t use a little bit of help when it comes to getting their kids to brush their teeth?

TechnologyAs improvements in technology grow exponentially, so does the number of tools available to parents to help them raise happy, healthy kids! So what are you waiting for? If you are among the many parents who feel like every night is a battle, why not give one of these tech-savvy tricks a try?

From the very basic to the very sophisticated, we’ve got you covered here:

  • Musical toothbrushes – For the youngest children, a toothbrush that “sings” makes tooth-brushing fun, and they won’t even realize when it’s done that two minutes has passed already!
  • Alarm clocks and timers – Toddlers and elementary school aged kids love to play with clocks and timers. For tooth brushing time, a simple kitchen timer works perfectly, allowing them to turn the dial to the 2-minute mark and wait for it to ding to be finished!
  • 2 Minute Videos – Find your own or check out The Children’s Oral Health campaign (, which feature videos that your child can click and watch while he or she brushes. They just so happen to be the optimal brushing time (2 minutes).   They also have a text challenge that you can sign up for!
  • Apps and Games – Make apps and video games work for you by downloading one that has to do with tooth brushing to your tablet or computer. These are both fun and educational for kids and keep the important concept of oral hygiene front and center in their minds as much as possible!

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