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When Is My Child’s First Visit?

infant getting teeth checked by a dentistThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) now recommend that your child see a dentist upon eruption of their first tooth, or by age 1.  By seeing children at an early age, we are able to examine children to make sure that all dental structures are developing normally.  More importantly it allows us to speak with parents about diet and hygiene and to discuss prevention.  Children that begin early with their dental care, tend to have lower rates of decay because the child is less averse to the dental setting, parents are better educated, and early intervention (when necessary) can be accomplished, so areas of concern do not become major problems later.

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Just as each child is different, each “first dental visit” is different.  Every child presents with different dental needs and different cognitive levels.  Your first visit is an important time to examine your child’s teeth, discuss diet and habits, and establish a “dental home” for your family.  For those children with dental disease, it is a time to discuss if and what are the best treatment options for your child so they can have visits that are positive and not help to perpetuate fear and anxiety.


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Patient Review by Louisa N

We had such a wonderful experience here for my daughter’s first dental visit. We loved everything about it. They really make sure to make the child feel comfortable. Would definitely recommend this pediatric dental group to others.

- Louisa N

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Patient Review by Tiffaney S

The dentist was something i was not looking forward to with a daughter who is one, has never been, and does not do well with strangers however the staff was incredible! They made it a great experience for her and i! I would definitely recommend them!

- Tiffaney S

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Patient Review by Kim W

Very great Pediatric Dental office.

- Kim W

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Patient Review by CIARA H

I love this office. Everyone was great especially the dentist (Dr. Koymen)! I have bragged about this place as soon as we left! Thanks again for everything!


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Patient Review by Kerri B

Overall excellent first time experience. I would recommend anyone to bring their children to this office Reese held her Minnie Mouse toothbrush all the way home

- Kerri B

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