Importance of Baby Teeth

Young girl smiling with baby teeth

Many parents will ask “Why worry about baby teeth when they are going to fall out?” Baby teeth (primary teeth) are important because they do not only aid in function of the oral cavity through chewing and speech development, but they also help to hold space for the developing permanent teeth. Excellent dental care helps to aid the developing oral cavity prepare for the emergence of the permanent teeth.

When primary teeth get decay, they can lead to dental pain and abscessed teeth. Studies have shown that children with severe decay miss more days of school and have a harder time concentrating in school. It is important for children to build strong preventive habits early on so that they may go on to have excellent dental hygiene as they mature.

Pediatric teeth cleaningOur goals are to help minimize early childhood decay, and restoring teeth that have cavities which may cause children discomfort and pain.

Our doctors will always explain when and why a tooth needs a restoration and how to prevent future cavities from developing through diet and good oral hygiene.


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Very friendly & helpful. Interacted with my son & comforted him which comforted me.

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Thank you Chesapeake Pediatric Dental I still didn't know how my husband arrived at that clinic but I am very satisfied. It's 50 minutes away from my house but it's worth it Thank you Very Much

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My children have been coming to Chesapeake ped dental for over 10 yrs. I absolutely love the professionalism of the staff and the providers. They really care and provide the best care. Since being my children's provider, my son had two dental emergencies over on separate occasions, years apart. The staff got us in ASAP and handled both situations precisely. I would highly recommend them! I wish I could go there myself. 🙂 Thank you for everything.

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Wonderful first visit!

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I really recommend this clinic I Never see a comercial of them but like the other ones and nothing like commercials... this is good the staff so friendly the Dr. was so nice with my baby... Thank you Chesapeake Pediatric Dental

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